Meet the NMDC Ambassador Cohort

NMDC Ambassador Program

NMDC Ambassadors will engage with their respective research communities to lower barriers to adoption of metadata standards throughout the 2021-2022 year.

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2021-2022 Ambassadors

I'm excited about engaging with the research community to improve metadata standards!
I'm excited to be a Champion to both learn and teach about making data in microbiome sciences as useful and reusable as possible.
I'm excited to help make data open, accessible, and reusable to leverage our knowledge of marine ecosystems for research and conservation! 
I am looking forward to collaborating with a group of people who share my passion for making data accessible.
I’m looking forward to learning how to empower others to increase the usability and accessibility of microbiome data.
I am most looking forward to sharing my excitement about the potential of metadata standards and engaging the larger research community to amass the same excitement.
I am excited to contribute to the promotion of standards and practices that ensure high quality data are freely accessible to all.
I’m excited to be part of NMDC and promote metadata standards because making data FAIR will ensure equal access for everyone to make new discoveries.
I’m looking forward to networking with other people who are working at the interface of microbiology and data analytics, and helping elevate the visibility of metaproteomics in the omics informatics space.
Making microbiome metadata FAIR is essential for future pooled or meta-analyses to understand the impact of the microbiome on human health and disease. I’m excited to contribute to this effort as an NMDC Champion
I am looking forward to learning how to improve my communication about data and metadata with my colleagues.
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