NMDC Team Members

Shane Canon (LBNL)
Workflows Lead
Shane is a Senior Engineer at KBase and Berkeley Lab’s Supercomputing Facility. For over 20 years, he has helped scientists conduct breakthrough science using some of the fastest computers in the world.
Patrick Chain (LANL)
Workflows Lead
Patrick leads teams in Metagenomics Applications, Bioinformatics and Analytics, and Genome Programs in the Biosciences Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory.
Bill Duncan (LBNL)
Metadata Standards Team
Bill is a software developer at Berkeley Lab, with a MS in Computer Science from Clemson University and a PhD in Philosophy, with a focus in formal ontology, from the University at Buffalo. Armed with over 15 years of experience and his skills as an ontologist, he works with healthcare systems to integrate healthcare data from multiple sources.
Emiley Eloe-Fadrosh (LBNL)
Emiley joined the Joint Genome Institute at Berkeley Lab in 2014 to pursue microbial ecology and metagenomics research. She is Head of the Metagenome Program and leads the Environmental Genomics Group.
Kjiersten Fagnan (LBNL)
Infrastructure Lead
Kjiersten is Chief Informatics Officer and Data Science and Informatics Department Head at the Joint Genome Institute, Berkeley Lab. She has over 10 years of experience in scientific computing and experimental data analysis.
David Hays (LBNL)
Metadata Standards Implementation Lead
David Hays is a software developer at the Joint Genome Institute, and is responsible for building the systems for managing sequencing projects and for collecting metadata associated with researcher provided samples.
Bin Hu (LANL)
Workflows Implementation Lead
Bin Hu is a staff scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory. His current research interests are on computational inference of phenotype using genotype information, antibody dynamics, bioinformatics software algorithm, and software development.
Douglas Mans (PNNL)
EMSL Director
Douglas oversees the entire EMSL user program and serves as the primary interface with BER, PNNL and the user community for science, management, and operations of EMSL. He is responsible for establishing a scientific vision to attract outstanding staff scientists and users to EMSL facilities and programs, promoting innovative research, and fostering the creation of robust scientific teams and communities.
Stanton Martin (ORNL)
FAIR Strategic Team Lead
Stanton leads data management for Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Biosciences Division. He has over 15 years of experience using new technologies to manage data acquisition, curation, and sourcing.
Nigel Mouncey (LBNL)
NMDC Deputy Lead
In 2017, Nigel became the Director of the Joint Genome Institute at Berkeley Lab after nearly 19 years leading Industry research and development teams. He also leads the Secondary Metabolites Group.
Lee Ann McCue (PNNL)
Metadata Standards Lead
With over 20 years in comparative genomics and high-throughput data analyses, Lee Ann is a senior computational scientist at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.
Chris Mungall (LBNL)
Metadata Standards Lead
Chris is head of Molecular Ecosystems Biology in Environmental Genomics and Systems Biology at Berkeley Lab. His group builds integrated databases, algorithms, and ontologies for various bioscience applications.
Samuel Purvine (PNNL)
Omics Implementation Lead
Sam Purvine has worked in bottom-up mass spectrometric proteomics since 1998, with deep knowledge of all aspects of the art. He serves as final data product liaison for EMSL Users who wish to use the mass spec proteomics capability.
Marisa Rudolph (LBNL)
Strategic Engagement Manager
Setareh Sarrafan (LBNL)
Software Delivery Manager
Setareh joined Berkeley Lab in February 2021. She previously worked at both UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco as a Scrum Master, Product Owner, Project Manager and Informatics Implementation Manager.
Jagadish Sundaramurthi (LBNL)
Metadata Standards Team
Jagadish joined the NMDC at Berkeley Lab in September 2019. He works on microbiome and genomic standards. Before joining the NMDC, he worked on HIV and TB Immunology and Bioinformatics.
Pajau Vangay (LBNL)
Engagement Implementation Lead
Pajau Vangay is the Scientific Community Engagement Manager for the NMDC. She joins the Berkeley Lab with combined experiences in computational biology, community outreach, and public policy. Most recently, she led the Immigrant Microbiome Project.  
Elisha Wood-Charlson (LBNL)
Engagement Lead
Elisha is KBase’s User Engagement Lead at Berkeley Lab. With a decade of experience in microbial ecology and scientific community engagement, she leads several projects aimed at making microbiome data science more efficient.
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