Media Materials

NMDC branding and engagement materials made available to the research community


Media Material Description
2023 NMDC Annual Report Provides a high-level report of NMDC activities and accomplishments from 2023.
NMDC template slides (1 slide) Provides a high level overview of the NMDC and is best used to promote the NMDC program in an existing presentation.
NMDC template slides (7 slides) Provides an in-depth overview of NMDC activities. These slides can be presented on their own, or be integrated into an existing presentation.
NMDC Pamphlet A general overview of the NMDC’s key projects and outreach activities.
Recorded NMDC town hall
Recorded town hall from the Department of Energy Genome Sciences Program 2024 Annual PI meeting which includes the NMDC Field Notes product announcement. Originally presented in April 2024.
NMDC logo (long)
The NMDC logo with a transparent background.
NMDC logo (tall)
The NMDC tall logo with a white background.
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