Scientific Advisory Board Members

Parker Antin
University of Arizona
Stefano Bertuzzi
American Society for Microbiology
Steven Evans
Rob Finn
EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute
Susan Gregurick
National Institutes of Health
Jo Handelsman
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Robert Hanisch
National Institute of Standards and Technology
James Kaufman
Rob Knight
University of California, San Diego
Britt Koskella
University of California, Berkeley
Jennifer Martiny
University of California, Irvine
Lita Proctor
National Institutes of Health
Priya Ranjan
University of Tennessee & ORNL
Lynn Schriml
University of Maryland
Charuleka Varadharajan
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Alonna Wright (UC Davis)
PhD Candidate
“I believe microbiome data helps us better understand our world and our health. Making this data more accessible and adherent to FAIR data practices would provide opportunities for meaningful analyses that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.”

Joint Lab Committee Members

Srinivas Iyer (LANL)
Mary Maxon (LBNL)
Julie Mitchell (ORNL)
Katrina Waters (PNNL)
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