Field Notes Mobile App

NMDC Field Notes is a free mobile app that streamlines real-time registration and collection of standardized metadata and field measurements

The NMDC Field Notes mobile app features:

  • Incorporation of NMDC metadata templates and the ability to create custom templates and fields
  • Live metadata validation based on the linked metadata standards
  • Automated syncing of metadata with the NMDC Submission Portal through a common login using ORCiD credentials
  • Automated metadata collection of certain fields (e.g., date, time, geolocation)
  • ‘Before you go into the field’ tutorials to ensure researchers bring the tools required to collect metadata to satisfy the NMDC metadata requirements
  • Extensive documentation and descriptions to make metadata fields easy to understand
  • Offline mode for trips to the field without internet access
  • Export metadata sheets for post-sampling metadata processing and management

The NMDC Field Notes mobile app enables:


  • The app allows for live validation of input metadata against the NMDC metadata standards which are based on MIxS standards
  • Templates within the app enable metadata standardization across samples and studies


  • The app contains a file structure that allows for metadata to be intuitively organized by sample and study
  • Metadata fields include detailed descriptions and examples to ensure researchers use the correct fields for their metadata


  • Input metadata is stored locally and can be exported for use by other systems
  • When users have internet access, they can directly sync their app with the NMDC Submission Portal to ensure data is preserved

Streamlined Deposition

  • Linkages with the NMDC Submission Portal allow for streamlined deposition of metadata into the NMDC Data Portal
  • Exported metadata can also be used for submissions to data repositories

Do you have other ideas for the NMDC Field Notes app? Are there other features you would like to see? Do you have feedback about the app? Let us know here or volunteer to be an official beta-tester!

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