Code of Conduct

The NMDC is a platform built for and with the microbiome research community. Microbiome data are generated and used by a variety of scientific disciplines, representing a diversity of research questions and researchers asking them. While this heterogeneity creates challenges, we believe that our diversity of data, people, and questions, is also a core strength.

In order to carry out our mission, the NMDC has established a code of conduct that embodies our commitment to promote reproducibility and enhance cross-study comparisons of microbiome data through open science and Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR) data management best practices. By embracing these principles, the NMDC team, champions, and collaborators create a welcoming and productive community. If you would like to know more, please contact the NMDC at support@microbiomedata.org.

1. Be welcoming

The NMDC is dedicated to providing an environment for scientific collaboration that is free from harassment of any sort, including verbal and written language and imagery, targeting an individual or group of individuals. Anyone receiving or witnessing harassment, or is concerned about potentially harassing behavior, should feel empowered to report it (see below).

2. Be respectful

All members of the NMDC community agree to:

  • Maintain a welcoming and supportive environment that allows for diverse perspectives to be shared with the goal of supporting new ideas and novel solutions to current challenges;
  • Acknowledge that word choice matters – conversations are to be constructive and inclusive;
  • Emulate the open, transparent, and collaborative values, core to the NMDC mission; and
  • Abide by the NMDC Data Terms of Use (coming soon).

3. Be supportive, positive, and professional 

The NMDC strives to:

  • Celebrate all wins, big or small, while also understanding that if you never fail, you aren’t thinking big enough;
  • Demonstrate trust and accountability through open and transparent communication with our community; and
  • Promote collaboration with, and shared ownership of, the NMDC across all microbiome research communities.

Building a welcoming and productive community is critical to the NMDC mission. If you believe someone is violating the code of conduct, please report this in a timely manner by emailing support@microbiomedata.org.

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