An open and integrative data science ecosystem

Introducing the National Microbiome Data Collaborative (NMDC), an initiative that will empower the research community to more effectively harness microbiome data.

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Building a world
where data are FAIR

Over the past few decades, microbiome data have grown exponentially. However, the sheer amount of data available presents a significant bottleneck for analysis and interpretation. The NMDC aims to make these data findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR) by:

Addressing fundamental roadblocks

in microbiome data science

Generating integrated data

for existing analytical and visualization platforms

Leveraging existing ontologies

to further data curation best practices

Engaging researchers

to ensure deliverable meets the needs of the community

NMDC Leadership Team

Emiley Eloe-Fadrosh (LBNL)
Nigel Mouncey (LBNL)
Deputy Lead
Alison Boyer (ORNL)
Aim 1 Lead
Lee Ann McCue (PNNL)
Aim 1 Lead
Chris Mungall (LBNL)
Aim 1 Lead
Patrick Chain (LANL)
Aim 2 Lead
Shane Canon (LBNL)
Aim 2 Lead
Kjiersten Fagnan (LBNL)
Aim 3 Lead
Elisha Wood-Charlson (LBNL)
Aim 4 Lead
Stanton Martin (ORNL)
FAIR Strategic Team Lead

Project roadmap

The NMDC will pursue defined aims and activities to deliver a set of unique microbiome data science capabilities.

Design NMDC-compliant metadata standards

Leverage existing ontology mapping software and curation resources to enable automated annotation of standardized metadata.

Design and deploy NMDC-compliant data workflows

Develop microbiome workflows for metagenome, metatranscriptome, metaproteome, and metabolomics data processing leveraging HPC systems, and integrate the execution of these pipelines to produce NMDC-compliant data products.

Data facilitation and integration

Develop data registration, indexing, and access services to link data through a suite of publicly available APIs.

NMDC community engagement

Develop communication and sustainability strategies to assess current and future needs and capabilities to empower users, collaborate on web-based interfaces for search functionality, and promote the NMDC to the larger scientific community.

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