Jul. 12, 2021 | Announcement

NMDC Quarterly Release: Summer 2021



Bio-Scales Pilot Project

null We’re excited to announce that preliminary data for the Bio-Scales Pilot Project, led by Mitchel J. Doktycz at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, is available in the NMDC data portal. The Bio-Scales project will generate metagenomic and metabolomic data, along with host transcriptomic data, to unravel plant-microbiome interactions and examine how Populus host traits influence the plant microbiome, rhizosphere biogeochemical processes, and nutrient pools. Explore the Bio-Scales data in the NMDC data portal.

Bulk Download

Bulk Download Feature Screenshot Search and discover microbiome data of interest in the data portal, then head over to the bulk download feature (see screenshot) to further select your data by your workflow and/or data file type of interest. This feature enables streaming downloads of multiple files as a zipped file. Note: ORCID iD login is required for downloading.

Map Pan & Zoom

The map visualization on the NMDC portal has been a long time staple, showing the geographical locations of samples. A new feature has been added in this release that enables you to interact with the map and zoom in to see samples at a finer resolution. Tip: Zoom in on any dot on the map and click “Search this Region” to automatically apply the location to the search filter.

Beta-test EDGE

To make data analysis products more comparable, the NMDC has a series of standardized bioinformatic workflows for processing metagenomics data within a user-friendly platform. The NMDC is looking for beta-testers for our series of standardized bioinformatic workflows for processing metagenomics data. (Other ’omics workflows are being incorporated.) If you are interested in being a beta-tester, please contact us at


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