Oct. 14, 2021 | Announcement

NMDC Quarterly Release: Fall 2021

The NMDC team has been conducting user interviews and implementing new search features to meet the needs of the community. To learn more about how to navigate the Data Portal, check out our newly released User Guide and our video tutorial. Our key portal updates are highlighted below.

If you have any suggestions or comments about the data portal please contact us.



Text Search

Displays an example search for "riv"

Search by text across all available search facets and non-numeric values. This feature provides automatic suggestions for the available query options as you type.

Multi-omics Data Search

Example of upset plot query



Select and filter by biosamples that have been characterized with one or more types of omics data. Click on a horizontal bar in the upset plot to apply a search filter for the selected samples.

Ex. Clicking on the highlighted grey horizontal bar will filter by 33 biosamples with available metagenomics, metaproteomics, and metabolomics data


Annotation Search

Example search for "buty" KEGG term

Search across data product annotations containing specified KEGG pathway, module, or KO terms. This feature also supports text-based auto-suggest and search across KO term names.

Environment Ontology Filter

Example Envo Tree

Select and filter by environment biome, environment feature, and environment material by exploring EnvO terms in the new hierarchical structure within each facet.

Study Page Information

Annotated example of an updated study page

View additional information about the research team (box 1), funding source (box 2), and external resources (box 3) by navigating to the updated study pages.

External Resource Links

Navigate to external resources for each biosample by clicking on the newly added links (IMG/M, NCBI, GOLD) under sample names in the results list. External resources may provide additional data, such as raw experimental data or additional metadata.


NMDC and EDGE Logos side by side

NMDC EDGE contains Metagenome workflows as well as a Natural Organic Matter workflow. The NMDC EDGE Development team has continued to iterate on the documentation, tutorials, and GUI based on feedback from our beta-testers. 

As we continue to update and add workflows we are looking for more beta-testers. If you are interested, please contact us at

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